Anoop Desai on tour!!!

Wheee. Found some videos on YouTube of Anoop’s set on the American Idol tour and what can I say? With a voice like that, he should get signed ASAP! 

Set list:
“Always on My Mind” – Willie Nelson
“Mad” – Ne-Yo (damn! *melts*)
“My Prerogative” – Bobby Brown (his dancing has improved considerably but there were a few awkward body movements. He’s still smexy though )

The whole set, though from far away:

Practically a front row view:

And Party Anoop comes out!

Waaah please come to the Philippines!!!


2 thoughts on “Anoop Desai on tour!!!

  1. from all the reviews and recaps I’ve been reading, people are really getting into Anoop’s set…he’s showing soulfullness and fun…he’s also getting lots of love from his part in the first group song, Beggin’ :

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