finally! some breathing room.

Yesterday’s discussion in my Marine Ecology class on order and patterns in nature was fun. We got to reproductive patterns and everyone started contributing anecdotes

From Pat: young dolphins group into all-female and all-male pods. Once they hit puberty, they (meaning female-female and male-male) practice having sex with each other so that they know what to do once the two pods merge for the real thing.

From Ella: before a male cockroach mounts the female, he scoops out the sperm of the last male to make sure that the female’s eggs are fertilized by his sperm

From me: crabs do that too

From Fleur: after copulation, male rats plug up the female’s vagina to make sure that other males don’t interfere.

Dr. Yap’s comment? “You guys sure know a lot about sex!” LOLOLOLOL.

The discussion on order: Dr. Yap told us about a study Dr. Saloma (the CS Dean), his wife (a molecular biologist), and a group of graduate students did on rats and complex systems. When they induced panic in rats, the rats actually got more organized when there were fewer exits. When there were 3 exits, the rats moved about chaotically. But when there was only 1 exit, they actually lined up and exited without any fuss. Huh. If that happened to a group of people, instead of order, there would be a pile of dead bodies blocking the exit.


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