yay more writing :D

I entered the Philstar.com “I Love Philippines” Year 2 contest last August. They asked people to submit stories about best Philippine travel experiences in the form of websites, photos, songs, or videos created using Apple’s iLife ’09 software. The grand prize? A 13″ MacBook Pro. As someone who’s been dreaming of a Mac for some time now but never had the funds, how could I pass this up?

My project: a website featuring my almost 2-year stay in the paradise known as El Nido, Palawan created using iWeb ’09. I didn’t win the MacBook *sob* (but the winning video really was kick-ass and deserved to win) but my entry was among the top 4-10 entries (they never mentioned my exact standing) so I got the 3rd generation iPod shuffle. It’s so tiny!

Screenshots after the jump!

Real Island Living

And this is my title page. The fact that I still placed even with this horrendous formatting glitch is a mini miracle. LOL. It looked absolutely fine in Safari but the titles displayed in their default font size in Firefox. Grar.

Intro 1

Intro 2


That’s my sister in the photo. LOL


Extra info

Tada! Not too shabby for 1 evening of writing + 1 evening of laying this out in iWeb + 1 evening of finalization and uploading to Mobile Me ^-^ Hoped you liked it!


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