getting dirty

Our (meaning me and my classmate Charles. LOL) Marine Pollution class had our field exercise this morning in Manila. The exercise is supposed to prepare us for the Manila Bay field work on Feb 22. Sampled dissolved oxygen (mg/L and %saturation), conductivity, specific conductivity, salinity, temperature, secchi depth, and total depth.

Our sampling sites:

near the FFCCCII building in Binondo

near the Sta. Cruz church along Escolta

underneath the Ongpin North Bridge in Chinatown
The winner among these sites is the one in Chinatown, with a DO of 0.16 mg/L, 2% saturation. For comparison purposes, the DENR lower limit for DO is 6 mg/L. We observed methane bubbling out of the water when we accidentally disturbed the estero sediment with the secchi disk (We figured it was methane because no way could that water support aerobic respiration.)
My classmate Charles:

And where we had lunch:

Right beside the Chinatown estero @_@ Made sure to order bottled softdrinks and didn’t use their ice.

Manila Bay field work on the 22nd: more sampling sites, more replicates, and more things to do (DO determination by titration, BOD, COD). And there are only two of us in the class @_@ Wahoo!


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